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Majestic’s truffles enrobe your taste buds with silky smooth dark chocolate. They are truly a sensual experience. All have intense natural flavorings; all are enhanced with selected premium liqueurs.

Really Raspberry - Fresh intense raspberry

Mocha - Espresso silk

Grand Orange - Pure orange

Chocolate Chocolate - need we say more

Bodacious Blackberry - Bold blackberry

Fresh Mint - Pure clean mint

Dark Cinnamon - Strong spicy sweet cinnamon

Chipotle! - Rich smoky chipotle

Afternoon Tea - A special blend of fine teas

Hazelnut - Buttery ganache, hazelnuts, and hazelnut liqueur

Pepper-Spice -Mysterious, smooth, warm spice

Mango Curry - Unique exotic aromatic

Lemon Thyme - Refreshing, natural lemon flavor

Balsamic Cherry – Tart cherry with a hint of smoky balsamic

Huckleberry – Handpicked luscious ripe berries

New flavors are created each year; call us and we will tell you about the “keepers” that are available.


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