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The year was 1976 when two friends, Jan Clay and Beth Royce started making hand crafted chocolates. The story starts with Janís neighbor and the neighborís mother-in-law, sharing their special hand dipped chocolates each holiday season with Jan. They were so good that Jan hid them from her family and indulged in them only after everyone was asleep. It took Jan two years to persuade her neighbor to teach her how to make the chocolates. All was arranged and chocolate making was set to start when a horse decided to buck Jan off, leaving her with a shattered arm and a very large cast for 9 weeks.

To accommodate Janís injury, the neighbor said she would be willing to teach Jan the fine art of chocolate making at a later date. So, during the first part of December 1976, Jan and Beth started making chocolates. The neighbor generously shared her techniques, recipes, sources and equipment. That first year Jan and Beth made Mint and Maple fondants along with Peanut Butter Cups, Nut Clusters and Caramels. They used 5 pounds of milk chocolate and 5 pounds of dark chocolate. Truffles were added and milk chocolate was dropped in the third year. Each year since more new flavors and types of chocolates have been added.

For 22 holiday seasons Jan and Beth made chocolates, each year inventing and perfecting new recipes. The lemon fondants took 5 years to perfect - only the taste of fresh lemons was acceptable. Currently more than 3 dozen varieties are made.

In 1999 Beth moved away and Janís daughter-in-law Tricia joined the team. In 2003 they and other chocolate loving friends made more than 8000 pieces of artisan chocolates, using 150 pounds of dark chocolate for coating and truffle centers!

Jan has made chocolates for her childrenís weddings and her childrenís friends weddings. Through the years companies have requested special orders to send as customer appreciation gifts. Many of her friends (and their friends) have ordered special gift boxes. Each year, a large portion of the production is given as a special gift to the chocolate makers and their friends at an annual holiday party. Chocolates and champagne Ė a wonderful holiday tradition!

In 2004, Jan decided to listen to and heed the cries of the dark chocolate lovers who have enjoyed her chocolates for years, and offer them for sale. In 2007 Majestic Chocolates moved to a new facility in McMinnville.

Majestic Chocolates remains a creator of artisan chocolates, to assure quality on hand quantities are limited and seasonal. However with advanced notice, we make chocolates for custom orders including packaging options and specific flavors.

Majestic Chocolates will always be an exquisite indulgence!


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