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Majestic’s fondants wake your taste buds with the pure essence of natural flavorings. The fondant is made using Majestic’s ultimate recipe resulting in a creamier, softer fondant. Each is individually dipped in dark chocolate.

Luscious Lemons - Bright lively lemon – Trish’s favorite

Cool Lime - Exotic spirited lime – Brenda’s favorite

Majestic Mints - Refreshing pure mint – Dick’s favorite

Crazy Coconut - Tropical fresh coconut – Webb’s favorite

Really Maple - Just pure maple – Jeff’s favorite

Holland Spice - Essence of the Netherlands – Brenda’s 2nd favorite

Swedish Fondant - Finest rich chocolate, cardamom, vanilla – Roger’s favorite

Star Anise Fondant – Smooth licorice – Marcia’s favorite

French Caramel - Creamy light caramel – Jan’s favorite

Raspberry – pure and natural – Laurie’s favorite

Pineapple – wonderful with chocolate – Trish’s 2nd favorite

New flavors are created each year; call us and we will tell you about the “keepers” that are available.



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